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Why is Table Mountain flat?

No, it wasn’t bulldozed. And even though a daredevil WW2 pilot landed his plane on the summit, and members of a WW2 Army regiment used it as a football field, Table Mountain’s iconic profile is the product of nature alone – except for the pimple on the north-western corner, the upper cable station, completed in 1929. Let’s first deal with a pertinent technicality: Table Mountain
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The waters of Table Mountain – Part 3: Streams & Ravines

It is one of the many joys of hiking Table Mountain to come upon a burbling stream, a secluded pool or a cascade pattering down on solid rock from up high. The atmosphere that these features create acts as an effective medium through which we connect with nature. Few sounds instil as much serenity as the trickle of water on a mountainside or the clicking
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The waters of Table Mountain – Part 2: The Reservoirs

Up until the mid 1880s, Cape Town relied on a single Table Mountain stream for its water supply: the Varsche River, a confluence of three smaller streams that drains the northern slopes and the Saddle (the neck linking Devil’s Peak with Table Mountain). The drought of 1880 drove home to the town-planners the stark reality that the city needed more water, and fast. John Gamble,
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