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Fitness required for hiking Table Mountain – 18 January 2016

While fitness is an important component to hiking Table Mountain, it shouldn’t be the last word in your assessment of whether to hike up or cable car up, or what route to take. Equally important, and sometimes even more, is your level of enthusiasm for hiking Table Mountain. Ask yourself, how determined are you; how enthused are you; how motivated are you? Motivation and determination compensates
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Table Mountain hiking in the Southeaster – 12 January 2016

Cape Town summers are marked by the occurrence of a strong wind known as the Southeaster, locally known as the Cape Doctor. It blows from around early November to early February, sometimes for days on end. As a fair-weather wind, it typically brings clear skies to the Cape with hot conditions prevailing, but its consistency and ferocity tends to get under your skin, making it the scourge
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Table Mountain hiking via the Twelve Apostles – 7 January 2016

The Twelve Apostles is a chain of peaks extending behind the famous tabletop summit of Table Mountain. Considered part of Table Mountain, it actually consists of 17 peaks (though some count only 16, others 18 – the exact number remains elusive). This bastion of the Table Mountain massif offers more solitude in that you don’t see or hear the city. The peaks overlook the Atlantic
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