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Table Mountain hiking: weathering the mountain's micro-climates – 19 February 2016

The first thing you should know about Table Mountain’s weather is that it can turn on a dime. The second thing is that the mountain gets a lot of cloud. And cloud means little or no views. Located at sea level Cape Town weather is often described as four-seasons-in-a-day. Add in a 1000 meters of sudden elevation and you can add a fifth season to
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Hiking Table Mountain second time round – 6 February 2016

The famous table top summit of Table Mountain constitutes only about 7% of the total surface area of Table Mountain, leaving a lot of mountain to explore and a lot of views to experience. Most people want to top out on the famous “Table”, understandably, but if you’re looking for second helpings when it comes to hiking Table Mountain, there is a feast of routes
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