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Table Mountain hiking: what is scrambling – 29 May 2016

Table Mountain rises sheer above Cape Town’s city center. Lined with cliffs, it seems impregnable to the hiker, scalable only to climbers. But hiking routes exist, threading through the cliffs and around overhangs, ingeniously outflanking impassable terrain. It should come then as no surprise that most Table Mountain hiking routes involve elementary climbing, commonly referred to as scrambling, at some points along the way. When it comes to Table
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Table Mountain hikes: what views do you want? – 20 May 2016

Different Table Mountain hikes offer different views. There are basically three views, on the ascent, and with hundreds of variations on these: sea views, city views and inland views / jungle setting. Let’s briefly look at each. Routes leading up the 12 Apostles (a chain of peals extending behind the famous table top summit of Table Mountain, and considered part of Table Mountain) offer sea
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Table Mountain hikes that involve exposure to heights – 6 May 2016

Exposure to heights is a phrase often used in route-descriptions of Table Mountain hikes. The majority of people I deal with only have a foggy idea what exactly it means. Most Table Mountain hiking routes involve exposure to heights, to some degree of severity, so it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with the meaning. The first part of the phrase, ‘exposure’, means, as the
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