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Table Mountain hiking routes – 25 April 2017

About 65 hiking routes lead up Table Mountain, each offering a unique experience. Hike Table Mountain is the only mountain-guiding company that offers guided hikes and scrambles up all these routes. Route choice plays a very important part in your overall experience of hiking Table Mountain. Several factors determine route choice, e.g. fitness level, sense of adventure, ability to deal with narrow ledges, personal preferences
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Table Mountain hikes: What is scrambling? – 14 April 2017

When it comes to Table Mountain hiking, scrambling has nothing to do with eggs. Scrambling can be defined as elementary climbing and involves the use of hands to negotiate steep rock sections. It’s the grey area between walking and climbing. Some would class steep hiking as easy scrambling, others hard scrambling as easy rock-climbing. There are shades of grey; it’s not a precise science. Scramble
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Table Mountain hiking in bad weather – 6 April 2017

Table Mountain gets a lot of cloud, even in summer. Mountains tend to generate cloud, and Table Mountain is no different. Precipitation on the summit measures a whopping 4 times more than the city center, brought about by rain and wind-driven cloud. Hiking Table Mountain in bad weather is possible, but not always pleasant. “Bad weather” is subjective: I remember once calling off a hike due to wind
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