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Table Mountain hiking routes: Level of difficulty – 26 May 2017

All Table Mountain hikes are graded A, A+, B, B+, C or C+. Grading denotes technicality, not physicality. Put differently, the grading gives you an indication of the hardest move required to complete the route, NOT how strenuous the route is. An A-grade route involves no technical difficulty, while a C+ route involves some elementary rock-climbing. Proper climbing (with ropes, gear and harness) are generally
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Table Mountain hikes off-the-beaten track: Grootkop – 16 May 2017

Few locals bother with Grootkop, let alone overseas visitors. Yet, it is one of the most interesting peaks that make up the 12 Apostles (the chain of peaks extending behind the famous tabletop summit of Table Mountain) and offers some of the best views on the mountain. For most, hiking Table Mountain is incomplete without gaining the ‘Table’, or upper plateau, but there is much more
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Table Mountain hikes: take a walk on the wild side – 9 May 2017

It’s easy to assume that Table Mountain offers little wilderness and nature due to its proximity to a city. The presence of a cableway to the summit suggests to many that the mountain has been tamed. But beyond the cableway precinct, and above the mountain’s lower slopes bordering the city, much remains the same as when the first European set foot on the mountain. And there’s
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