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Types of Table Mountain hiking routes – 20 June 2017

There are more than a hundred hiking routes up Table Mountain. These can be grouped into 4 types. The first type is represented by a single route, Platteklip Gorge: the quickest and easiest route to the summit, but not the nicest. Most people complete it in around 2.5 hours with varying degrees of exertion. As far as Table Mountain hiking goes, it doesn’t quite do
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Table Mountain hiking routes: Which is best? – 8 June 2017

About 65 hiking routes lead up Table Mountain, each unique in terms of views, difficulty, terrain, vegetation or atmosphere. Differences might be restricted to only one of the aforementioned aspects, but often include more than one, and in some cases, all. For most, views dictate route choice rather than difficulty, to their consternation. Others blindly defer to the recommendations or reviews of others. In my opinion, the
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Table Mountain hiking routes: Frustration Gorge – 4 June 2017

Frustration Gorge is a delightful route off-the-beaten track that leads up from Orange Kloof, a lush, secluded valley with restricted entrance located at the back of Table Mountain. The route follows a ravine choked with Afro-montane forest, a type of forest reminiscent of tropical jungle, and involves some B-grade scrambling with only one bit mildly exposed to heights. As far as Table Mountain hikes go, Frustration
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