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Hike Table Mountain for an Unforgettable Experience – 29 March 2018

Why hike Table Mountain? Table Mountain arguably ranks as the most-climbed mountain in the world. Located next to a bustling city makes it about as accessible as your local pub. The fancy cableway obviates the dreaded hike-down. Small surprise then that thousands take up the challenge and leg it to the summit. But easy access and easy descent aside, there are many compelling reasons to hike Table Mountain, and
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Hiking Table Mountain: what to expect – 12 March 2018

A bewildering amount of information on Table Mountain hiking is available on the Internet. Tips, suggestions, advice, recommendations, warnings and all manner of articles. It’s hard to cut through the clutter and decide on the best route and, if you’ve made the wise decision to use a guide, which guiding company to use. Everyone who’s  hiked Table Mountain at least once has something to say about what you should and
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