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An early start optimizes your Table Mountain hike – 29 October 2019

Summer’s around the corner, and that means hot hiking conditions that can ruin your Table Mountain hiking experience if not managed properly. With sunrise at around 5.15am in high summer, even setting out as early as 7.30am on a hot day (usually the case in December and January) results in tough and unpleasant hiking. Hyperthermia and heat exhaustion account for many Table Mountain rescues, most
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Table Mountain hiking routes: A lifetime of exploration – 11 October 2019

Hike Table Mountain is the only mountain-guiding outfit that offers guided hikes up all Table Mountain hiking routes – testimony to our passion for Table Mountain. We love exploring the mountain, poking our noses into obscure nooks and crannies, finding variations to existing routes, even opening entire new routes. Scaling cliffs and pinnacles, hiking the mountain in foul weather – gale-force wind and driving rain,
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