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Table Mountain hikes: diverse landscape – 29 July 2020

We all love a great view, and while there is no shortage of views when hiking Table Mountain, the landscape contributes to the experience. Table Mountain covers an area of about 58 square kilometers (about 22 square miles), allowing the formation of micro-climates. This in turn give rise to micro-habitats. Combined with the dissected topography, the landscape rivals the views in terms of diversity and
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Hiking Table Mountain via the 12 Apostles – 13 July 2020

A Google search for anything related to Table Mountain hiking invariably throws up results containing ’12 Apostles’. So, what exactly are the 12 Apostles and how do they fit into the Table Mountain hiking picture? The 12 Apostles is a chain of seaboard peaks extending behind the famous tabletop summit considered part of Table Mountain. Each peak or buttress in the range represents an apostle,
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Best viewpoints when hiking Table Mountain – 2 July 2020

The best viewpoints on Table Mountain: a weighty point of contention that unfortunately cannot be answered definitively. Short of letting myself off the hook, I will attempt to review what I consider the top contenders of this debatable issue. Before doing so, it is worth pointing out that some of the best viewpoints can be found on the way up, not from the summit. Perched
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