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Table Mountain hikes: Blind Gully – 25 August 2020

Despite its proximity to a city, Table Mountain offers lots of opportunity for wilderness adventure. Several Table Mountain hikes provides intrepid hikers with a combination of thrill and nature. These routes are marked by scrambling, exposure to heights and rugged terrain. And they usually take you off the beaten track while traversing wild and imposing terrain. One such route is Blind Gully. Located on the
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Platteklip Gorge: What you need to know – 11 August 2020

No Table Mountain hiking route receives more popularity and discussion than Platteklip Gorge. The resulting glut of information – and misinformation – available online can be bewildering. This article aims to cut through the clutter and provide insights and essential facts about Platteklip Gorge to guide you in selecting the right route. Route-selection is a vital consideration in ensuring an enjoyable Table Mountain hike. The
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