Why hike Table Mountain

Why Hike Table Mountain

Table Mountain offers some of the best hiking on the planet. No matter what your experience level, Table Mountain will delight you in so many ways and meet you on so many levels.

Towering 1 086 meters (3 560 feet) over Cape Town, and around 540 million years in the making, Table Mountain is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Once an island, now boasting more plant species per square mile than the Amazon jungle, this tabular monolith begs exploration. Trails run the length and breadth of the mountain, offering exceptional hiking on every level of difficulty and adventure at every turn. 

Hiking Table Mountain delights you in so many ways. People ascend the mountain for reasons as varied as the routes. Some hike for exercise, others crave the sense of achievement gained from tackling the mountain by foot. There are those who seek communion with nature; others set out with a desire to explore and to experience the mountain on a deeper level. Among these are the adventurers and thrill-seekers, who answer the call of the heights through ascending challenging scrambling routes. 

Whatever your reason, this is one mountain you want to climb. If you enjoy nature and the great outdoors, or if you have a sense of adventure and an inquisitive mind, hiking Table Mountain is a no-brainer. Conquering the mountain on foot is an exciting and rewarding experience that provides you with a true appreciation of the mountain’s size, height, grandeur and wildness. It makes for a more authentic experience of South Africa’s most famous landmark. Topping this are the intangibles: the exhilaration of discovery and adventure, the sense of accomplishment and the invigoration of immersing yourself in nature. 

Since Table Mountain is such an iconic and enthralling landmark, why not make the most of it? Hike Table Mountain with an expert guide.

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