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Table Mountain hiking routes: What is a Route?

Table Mountain can be climbed from all sides and along routes of varying length, difficulty and character. It’s hard to say exactly how many hiking routes exist on Table Mountain, strange as this might sound. The reason for this is the ambiguity of what constitutes a route.  This has been an issue of perennial debate and discussion among hikers and cragsmen. In this first installment
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Hiking Table Mountain at the crack of dawn

With summer fast approaching, some things need to be said about the importance of starting your Table Mountain hike early in the morning. Heat can be debilitating and enervating, especially when you find yourself toiling up a mountain under the blazing African sun, still acclimatized to the northern hemisphere’s wintry weather. Hiking up Table Mountain is strenuous enough, and doing so under a torrid sun
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Skeleton Gorge: To do or not to do

I’m often amazed at how many people, even non-hikers, know about the existence of Skeleton Gorge. In some ways, it has achieved brand status when it comes to hiking on Table Mountain. Certainly, most literature and websites featuring an article remotely related to Table Mountain hasten to sing its praises. This might explain why the words ‘Skeleton Gorge’ would ring a bell to even the
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