Photo of the week – October week #4: Hout Bay Corner

Oct 25, 2012

On the top pitch of Hout Bay Corner 

When viewed from above, the Table Mountain massif roughly resembles a molar tooth, its crown representing the ‘Table’ (summit plateau) and the two roots the Twelve Apostles and Eastern Buttresses respectively. Given its shape, the mountain features four distinct corners, each of which offers a route to the summit. On the northwest corner (left side of the crown) lies Kloof Corner, a well-known C-grade scramble that takes one up to Fountain Ledge about 140 meters below the summit, from where the India Venster route (B-grade) is followed to the summit. The northeast corner can be ascended via the Searle’s Corner route, a D-grade climb. On the southeastern extremity (the tip of the right root) lies Constantia Corner, a pleasant A-grade hike. Then, on the southwestern extremity (the tip of the left root) , can be found Hout Bay Corner, a short but delightful C-grade scramble that tops out at an unfrequented part of the mountain, and offers sensational views to the south and west.

The route is exposed to heights and involves several short scramble pitches, some fairly tricky, necessitating the use of a rope.  As far as Table Mountain hiking goes, it ranks as a classic, providing all the ingredients required for a great day on the mountain. Ideally suited to the more adventurous hiker and those wanting a challenge.

Adding to the route’s appeal are several nearby viewpoints – Llandudno and Judas Peak, both offering some of the best views on the mountain – as well as a pleasant and uncomplicated descent down Llandudno Ravine. Furthermore, the route follows an improbable line of ascent, lending much character and adventure to it.

Apart from scrambling and exposure, Hout Bay Corner involves tricky route-finding and it is advisable that you do the route with someone familiar with the route as well as safety on steep ground.

For routes up the four corners of Table Mountain and everything in between, Hike Table Mountain will make sure you get the best out of your experience of the mountain.


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