Constantia Corner Hike on Table Mountain

Apr 25, 2013

Constantia Corner is the ridge leading up to the right root – the southeastern extremity of Table Mountain.

Constantia Corner view of Orange Kloof

The tabletop summit forming the crown, the Twelve Apostles the left root and the Eastern or Suburban buttresses the right root. As far as hiking Table Mountain goes, this route offers two unique features: sculpted rock-formations and glorious views into Orange Kloof.

Contantia Corner is a gentle hike

Follow the concrete road known as the Jeep Track or Bridle Path; for a more challenging hike, stick to the trail leading up the ridge proper; and for an adventurous diversion along the middle sections, take the loop through Turret Gully. For the latter option, best to go with someone who knows the way or make use of a Table Mountain guide. If you have a penchant for oddly-shaped rock, then the summit area around Klaasens Buttress will have you in raptures. The most famous rock-formation is known as Camel Rock, a monolithic sandstone sculpture that would grace any gallery. And if the rock-formations fail to delight you, then the views most certainly will.

Table Mountain hiking is often thought of us just being on the ‘Table’ itself, but few know about the topographic gems and singular views that exist on the lesser peaks further back.


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