Table Mountain hikes: Blind Gully

Aug 25, 2020

Blind Gully takes you off the beaten track while traversing wild and imposing terrain. Despite its proximity to a city, Table Mountain offers lots of opportunity for wilderness adventure. Several Table Mountain hikes provides intrepid hikers with a combination of thrill and nature. These routes are marked by scrambling, exposure to heights and rugged terrain. 

Where is Blind Gully?

Located on the first ‘Apostle’ of the Twelve Apostle range (a chain of peaks extending behind Table Mountain’s flat summit), Blind Gully picks a fine line up an obscure section of mountain. The lower section involves delightful scrambling up a rocky watercourse. Beyond this, the route emerges at Blinkwater Needle, a striking pinnacle. The needle’s summit ranks as one of the most sensational locations on Table Mountain, accessible via a short scramble. Spot the hikers.

Is Blind Gully easy to hike to?

The upper section involves more scrambling, distinctly exposed to heights in places. It slashes across an unlikely flank of the mountain, ingeniously threading through cliffs before emerging on Blinkwater Peak. Blinkwater Peak is the highest point on the Twelve Apostles and one of the best viewpoints on the mountain. A 45-minute walk along a wide trail leads up to the famous tabletop summit of Table Mountain.

In the scheme of Table Mountain hiking, Blind Gully ranks as a challenging route suited to experienced and adventurous hikers with a decent head for heights. In the scheme of Table Mountain adventure routes, Blind Gully ranks as intermediate. No climbing experience required. The route leads through areas of solitude, so ample opportunity for communion with nature in between adventure. The route sees very few hikers, so you are likely to have the mountain to yourself.

Hiking Table Mountain offers nature and adventure in equal measure

Making use of a competent and experienced Table Mountain guide provides an insightful and authentic experience of Table Mountain, customized to your level of fitness, sense of adventure and personal preferences. Table Mountain hiking routes each offer distinctive views, features and even mood. There is no shortage of choice.

Due to the watercourse along the lower section, Blind Gully is best in summer (November to March), though the watercourse can easily be bypassed via the adjacent slope, though this detracts from the route’s enjoyment.

Given its accessibility, Table Mountain is often regarded as tame. However, hiking Table Mountain via Blind Gully does a good job at dispelling such misconception.


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