Blinkwater Needle on Table Mountain

Apr 15, 2014

A rare delight on any Table Mountain hike is the opportunity to surmount a pinnacle.

Blinkwater Needle must rank as one of the most conspicuous pinnacles on Table Mountain.

Located at the top of Blinkwater Ridge on the north side of Porcupine Buttress, first of the 12 Apostles, it offers unsurpassed views onto mountain and sea. It can be reached via Blind Gully, a challenging route that involves scrambling, exposure to heights and rugged terrain (bush / loose rock).

Scrambling to the Blinkwater Needle’s Summit

Getting to the Needle’s summit involves a short, tricky scramble that should not be underestimated, more so on the descent. The summit consists of a small platform that offers panoramic views and gives you the impression of being suspended in space. Set away from the mountain and above the surrounding landscape, it commands striking and exciting views onto Table Mountain. The Needle greatly enhances the attractiveness of Blind Gully as a Table Mountain hike. The route leads up a dramatic part of Table Mountain and packs all the hallmarks of Table Mountain hiking off-the-beaten track.

Hiking Table Mountain offers more than meets the eye. You need to know the mountain to be able to savor its hidden gems and true nature. The location of Blinkwater Needle along Blind Gully makes it one of my favorite Table Mountain hikes. Few locations on Table Mountain offers such a superb vantage point onto its grandeur.


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