Hiking Table Mountain via India Venster – 17 July 2017

Jul 17, 2017

Few Table Mountain hikes meet hikers’ expectations as consistently as India Venster. It’s arguably the best half-day route to the famous tabletop summit and involves scrambling (easy climbing) and exposure to heights (narrow ledges) about 15% of the way – nothing extreme, but you need a fairly good head for heights. If you have a mild aversion to heights and you’re up for an adventure, then you will still enjoy the route provided you’re in the company of a competent guide.

India Venster leads up an imposing part of Table Mountain, threading through steep and dramatic terrain that seems unclimbable from below. It offers exciting hiking and diverse views without being too strenuous. No experience required for the scrambling. If you’re nervous of heights but up for an adventure, then making use of a competent and experienced mountain-guide will give you more confidence and reassurance on the spicy sections, allowing you to enjoy the route.

Table Mountain hiking is as much about experiencing the mountain as enjoying the views. India Venster offers both superb views and moderate adventure amidst striking topography. The hiking is engaging due to the scrambling, providing a solid sense of achievement on reaching the summit. It provides a rounded experience of Table Mountain in  around 3.5 hours of hiking (leisurely pace), so no need to allocate an entire day towards hiking Table Mountain.

In many ways, India Venster is Cape Town hiking at its best. The route can be dangerous without a guide and mountain experience, but very safe in the company of an experienced and competent mountain-guide.

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