Photo of the week – January week #4: Table Mountain rock-formations

Hiking up Table Mountain when it is free of cloud, views invariably take center stage. Flowers, birds and topography become less attractive than the grandeur of unseen landscapes and distant horizons. But mountains tend to attract cloud, and Table Mountain is no different, and then views are restricted to your immediate surroundings, which often amount to little more than a ┬átree, a bush and a rock – often only a few tussocks of grass or reed. But there is a certain type of terrain that takes on a more dramatic appearance in the presence of mist and cloud: boulder fields; areas of exposed, wind-sculpted rock. The rocks seem to come alive, bending and swaying in the shifting and swirling mist. Adding to the otherworldly atmosphere is a deep silence in which you can almost hear the ancient rocks creak and sigh as they lie in their primordial foundations. Walking among these ghostly monoliths gives you the feeling of being in another world, on another planet. The sense of solitude and isolation is palpable. These impressions bring a different and more profound facet to hiking Table Mountain that views alone can never provide.