Photo of the week – February week #4: Blinkwater Ravine and its affluents

Table Mountain has many faces, each unrecognizable from the other and offering unique views, vegetation, topography and moods. Table Mountain hikes differ greatly in character, depending on the side of the mountain. The iconic north side overlooks the city and Table Bay, while indigenous jungle carpets the east side and sea views delights you on the pristine west side. Few other mountains can compete with the diverse hiking found on Table Mountain, one of the main reasons why the mountain truly is a hiker’s paradise. The photo above shows Table Mountain’s famous tabletop from the west, along with the first of the 12 Apostles, Porcupine Buttress. Several superb hiking routes lead up the ravines and buttresses, all of them unfrequented and ranging in difficulty from moderate to very challenging. A sense of wilderness and solitude permeates hiking in this sector of the mountain, with the geological drama adding grandeur to the atmosphere – vintage Table Mountain hiking. Ideal in summer, when the routes get morning shade and the dry watercourses become natural paths that offer entertaining scrambles, the Blinkwater system of ravines offers the intrepid hiker and nature lover boundless opportunities of exploration and adventure.