Hiking Table Mountain, not just the ‘Table’ – 19 August 2014

Aug 19, 2014

Table Mountain’s famous and iconic tabletop summit only constitutes about 5% of the Table Mountain massif. Hiking Table Mountain offers much more than just reaching the “Table”. While the upper plateau remains a fascinating place, it far from represents what Table Mountain hiking is all about. Table Mountain hikes come up from all sides of the 58-square-kilometer massif, each offering a unique experience, each with a character of its own. What determines a routes character? Topography, vegetation, views, technical difficulty and line of ascent. These factors then gives the route also a unique mood, or ambiance. To cover all that Table Mountain offers in a single hike is impossible. If you don’t have the time to do more than one hike, you simply need to determine which route offers those facets of the mountain that appeal most to you. Table Mountain guides who are competent and experienced comes in handy already at this early stage of a hike. Many Table Mountain hikes takes one off-the-beaten track, allowing you to experience the essence of the mountain in a pristine environment.

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