Photo of the week – September week #1: Grootkop

Hiking Table Mountain enables one to reach the best viewpoints and enjoy different angles onto the mountain. The mountain covers an area 0f 57 square kilometer, and each part of the mountain offers viewpoints that differ greatly from each other. One of my favorite viewpoints is Grootkop, one of the 12 Apostles. Few hikers take the time and make the effort to climb it, however the panoramic views from the summit more than compensates for the strenuous ascent. Complementing the views is the ambiance and solitude of the place: peaceful and meditative, pure nature.

Grootkop can be approached from the south via Llandudno Ravine or from the north via Oudekraal Ravine, both taking around 4 to 5 hours to the summit. Because of its prominence, Grootkop offers striking views across the entire Table Mountain massif and is great for getting the lie of the mountain. Views aside, both approaches offers Table Mountain hiking at its best, with more challenging variations for those looking for adventure.