Photo of the week – November week #3: Blinkwater Needle

Topping out on the Needle.

There are many unique locations and rock features on Table Mountain, and in my opinion Blinkwater Needle ranks as one of the best. It’s basically a pinnacle (the ‘Needle’) about two-thirds the way up Table Mountain on the northern slopes of the first of the Twelve Apostles. It takes its name from the adjacent ravine, Blinkwater (‘Shiny Water’) Ravine, which separates the Twelve Apostles from Table Mountain proper. Only one hiking route leads up to the Needle: Blind Gully, a fairly challenging and unfrequented route that involves a few bits of B-grade scrambling and exposure to heights. The view from the summit of the Needle is sublime, and the solitude and grandeur profound. I know of few others places on the mountain where nature presents itself as grandly as on this rock perch.

Getting to the Needle, and the top of the mountain from there, is not for everyone. The trail is overgrown in places and the terrain rugged. Add exposure to heights and some tricky scrambling, and you have a route that would satisfy Indiana Jones.

If you’re looking for a wilderness experience off the beaten track, then Blinkwater Needle via Blind Gully will not disappoint. Apart from Hike Table Mountain, few, if any, Table Mountain guides offer hikes to Blinkwater Needle. If you want to experience the wild side of Table Mountain and you’re in good physical condition and up for a challenge, then join us on one of many adventure routes up Table Mountain.