Clouds and Hiking on Table Mountain

Jun 23, 2013

Clouds bring the best views and most dramatic settings on Table Mountain always involve a bit of cloud cover.

Hiking in the clouds

A mountain without cloud lack an essential and intrinsic ingredient to what defines mountains. It adds a sense of grandeur, mystery, solitude and eeriness. The views are dynamic rather than static; the cloud and light are in a constant state of change. The surroundings also acquire a different mood: brooding, forbidding, surreal, mystical, august. Hiking Table Mountain in these conditions showcases the terrain in all its grandeur. Clouds animate the surroundings and charges the atmosphere with energy.

Several climatic conditions brings cloud to Table Mountain, the main ones being the Southeaster wind, frontal systems from the northwest and fog banks from the southwest. Many Table Mountain hikes leads through areas of sculpted rock, and it’s in the areas that the presence of mist enhances the landscape, making it look more dramatic than in clear conditions.