Photo of the week – March week #4: Upper Disa Stream

Mar 27, 2013

Table Mountain hiking is not only about the views, but also enchanting locations and settings. One such place is the upper reaches of the Disa Stream, Table Mountain’s largest stream, also known as the Backwater Stream.  Even as a headwater, it has carved itself a sizeable defile that features different vegetation on the sides. Until around 1905, most of Cape Town’s drinking water passed through this defile. Being close to the source, the water level fluctuates greatly, gushing during the winter months – when it resembles a torrent of white water in places – and dwindling to a trickle in late summer, pooling in hollows to reveal the amber color of Table Mountain’s water. A good path leads along the steep eastern bank, yet few hikers ever come this way. All you’ll find is peace and quiet and solitude; the sound of trickling or gushing water (depending on the time of the year) and birdsong. Hiking up Table Mountain in misty conditions, this is a good place to head for to extract the full measure of ambiance the place has to offer. And in certain months you will even be treated to a fine display of Table Mountain’s most exquisite orchids…


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