Photo of the week – December week #2: Hiking Table Mountain via Kloof Corner

Kloof Corner ridge is one of the most striking and prominent ridge lines on Table Mountain, marking the corner between the north and west sides of the mountain. When it comes to Table Mountain hiking, Kloof Corner offers a sensational and challenging way to the top, involving scrambling and exposure to heights, so ideal for the adventurous hiker. Much variation is possible if you know the route well, so you can adjust the adventure and challenge level to suit your needs. A rope is recommended on several sections.

Hiking Table Mountain via Kloof Corner is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re looking for a leisurely walk in nature, then don’t bother. Kloof Corner leads up the city side of the mountain, and the distant hum of inner-city traffic is audible for much of the time. Also detracting from the route is electricity cables and their pylons that run alongside the route. For what it lacks in nature and pristine environment, Kloof Corner makes up in a big way with its attractive line of ascent, views both towards the north and west, and fun scrambling. To get the most out of the route, your primary motivation should be adventure, not nature. Pockets of pristine nature can be found en route if you know where to look: on the apex of Kloof Buttress and on the far side of Die Poort. The route terminates on Fountain Ledge, linking up with the India Venster route, and follows this to the summit.

Kloof Corner is a challenging route not to be trifled with. It involves tricky route-finding, awkward scrambling and gut-wrenching exposure to heights (more so if you do the Pinnacle variation). Best to go with someone who knows the route well and who can provide safety on steep ground, or make use of a competent Table Mountain guide.