Hiking Table Mountain for many reasons – 11 March 2015

Mar 17, 2015

Most people who opt to hike Table Mountain (as opposed to taking the cable car) are motivated by more than just views. Some like to be challenged – physically, mentally, or both; others crave adventure or the peace and quiet of nature. Whatever your reason for hiking Table Mountain, route selection plays a crucial role in how much you enjoy the experience. While ability and fitness typically dictate route selection, personal preferences often overrides. I’ve had many people brave up to their fear of heights for the sake of adventure or the opportunity to experience the wilder parts of Table Mountain. Table Mountain hikes exist for every notion, ability, objective and preference.

Table Mountain hiking can be as tough and adventurous or as relaxing and meditative as you want it to be. The trick is to go with someone who knows all the routes so you have choice. A little bit of adventure, but lots of nature; lots of physical challenge, some adventure; best views, lots of adventure, little nature – the permutations of preferences are legion, and to really customize a hike, you need to know the routes and habitats and features that Table Mountain offers. There are so much more to Table Mountain hiking than Skeleton Gorge and Platteklip Gorge, the two most popular routes. Popular does not necessarily mean better. So take the time to consider the options available. Making use of a competent Table Mountain guide will help you determine the best route for you.

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