The mental aspect of hiking Table Mountain – 6 August 2013

Expectations have the power to shape an experience, and this holds true when it comes to hiking Table Mountain. Most people know very little what to expect. I’ve had people who were surprised to find that it involves uphill walking. Because of the mountain’s proximity to a city, it’s easy to think of Table Mountain as tame and underestimate the amount of time and energy required to hike up. It’s important that once you’ve decided to hike Table Mountain, you’ve accepted the fact that you are going to be tired along the way and that you are going to sweat – a lot in summer. Determination and perseverance makes up for lack of fitness or agility. Table Mountain hiking often involves rugged terrain, slippery rock, bushy trails, gale-force winds or oppressive heat. The mountain might be a National Park, but for the average person, hiking Table Mountain is not a walk in the park. Be mentally prepared for a strenuous hike and chances are it will feel easier than expected.