Hike Table Mountain off-the-beaten track – 14 April 2014

Few people realize that much of Table Mountain is still pristine wilderness and includes places people rarely set foot, if ever. Some of the best viewpoints on Table Mountain seldom sees hikers, a good example being Grootkop, one of the 12 Apostles. Hiking routes run along the length and breadth of the mountain, some following well-defined trails, others the slightest suggestion of a trail. Some Table Mountain hiking routes were opened in the early 1900s and have fallen by the wayside for various reasons. Now forgotten and overgrown, they exist only in the yellowed pages of old Mountain Club annals and Table Mountain lore. A few have been resurrected and given a new lease on life by authors of Table Mountain hiking guidebooks – most notably Tony Lourens’ Table Mountain Classics – and offers the intrepid hiker access to the wilder parts of the mountain – places where nature still reigns supreme; where the silence is complete and the environment undisturbed. These Table Mountain hikes takes one into the soul of the mountain, where peace and solitude abounds. No sign of human passage or habitation; no sound but the wind, the birds and the streams; no sight of man-made objects, only mountainscapes. Hiking Table Mountain does not get better than this.

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