Photo of the week – March week #1: Table Mountain hiking routes

Mar 5, 2013

Table Mountain hiking takes many forms, from strolling along a well-defined path on the benevolent terrain of the summit plateau to scrambling up jagged ridges exposed to heights. From sensational traverses to pinnacles, waterfalls to jungle, hiking Table Mountain allows you to experience nature’s delights and get up close and personal with the mountain. The above photo shows Table Mountain from the west, the deep ravine on the right side (Blinkwater Ravine) being the division between Table Mountain proper and the Twelve Apostles. At its base can be seen a short, white line: Blinkwater Waterfall, a 50-meter torrent during the winter months. The pinnacle to the right of the ravine is Blinkwater Needle, one of the most dramatic locations on the mountain. To the left of the ravine can be seen a green line leading along the base of a white cliff: the Grotto-Fountain-Cairn traverse, an exhilarating traverse linking three ravines.

Hiking Table Mountain is not just about getting to the summit. The journey is the destination.


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