Hiking Table Mountain second time round – 7 November 2014

So you’ve hiked up the famous and iconic tabletop of Table Mountain. And from the summit, you had views south across the lower plateau, framed by the Eastern Buttresses on the left and the 12 Apostles on the right. And you realized that the “Table” was only the façade of the Table Mountain range or massif; that the greater part of the mountain was tucked away behind it. With a summit area of about 30 square kilometres, and with each side of the more-or-less rectangular mountain offering unique views and topography, it’s not surprising that a single hike can hardly do the mountain justice.

If you wanted to do a second hike up Table Mountain, then my recommendation would be Llandudno Ravine, without a doubt. Leading up the south-western extremity of the Table Mountain range, it offers unique views onto Table Mountain and the Atlantic seaboard. Pristine nature, peace and quiet, solitude and varied hiking adds to the route’s attraction. Views from peaks at the top of the route ranks, in my opinion, as some of the best vantage points on Table Mountain. And the route is within the ability and fitness level of most people, not involving severe heights or scrambling, but just enough to make the hiking exciting.

Table Mountain hikes vary greatly in character, offering different terrain, views and features. No single route takes in all the facets and faces of Table Mountain, and a second hike is therefore a great idea if you want a more in-depth experience of the mountain. And of all the Table Mountain hiking routes, Llandudno Ravine goes a long way in filling out the overall picture and character of the mountain.

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