Hiking Table Mountain with your nose – 10 September 2013

Experiencing an environment through as many senses as possible helps to gain a deeper appreciation for it, and Table Mountain is no different. Table Mountain hiking brings you in contact with plants that contain fragrant oils: wild geranium, most species of buchu (the most common being the Confetti bush), wild and brown sage, swamp daisy and wild rosemary, to name a few. The flowers of plants like Drumsticks, Keurboom and some species of Gladiolus produce unforgettable scents. Flowers like the Spider lily and Carrion flower, reeks of rotting flesh and relies on flies for pollination. In the indigenous forests on Table Mountain’s southern and eastern slopes, the distinctive smell of decaying vegetation prevails. And on some days, one can smell the ocean on routes that lead up the 12 Apostles. The many Table Mountain hiking routes allows the hiker to experience different habitats, each with their own set of smells. Even sun-baked rock (sandstone) has a distinctive smell. Get the most out of your Table Mountain hike by taking the time to smell. It adds a new dimension to the experience and deepens your perception of what you see.

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