Photo of the week – April week #1: Table Mountain’s ‘table’

As a Table Mountain guide with a lively sense of adventure and a penchant for exploration, I have had the privilege of seeing practically every nook and cranny of the mountain in all conditions, and one of my favorite places is an inconspicuous solitude on the Eastern Table in misty, windless conditions. It features a pool of water, or lakelet, topped up by the winter rains and surrounded by restios (reeds) and grasses, reminiscent of a Scottish moorland, waterlogged for much of the year, silent and pristine. The clicking and chirping of frogs, especially in the wetter months, accentuates the feeling of remoteness that the place exudes, even though a 5-minute walk brings you to the edge of the Table and views across a city of millions. As far as Table Mountain hiking goes, this gem is very accessible but seldom visited. Don’t bother looking for it if you don’t long for a closeness with nature; this is one of those places only a true lover of nature can appreciate. On days when the mountain is covered with cloud, hiking Table Mountain becomes more about atmosphere than views, and this lakelet makes for a mystical setting to soak up peace and quiet.