Hiking Table Mountain ‘unplugged’ – 26 April 2014

To pit yourself against something is to know it. Hiking Table Mountain off-the-beaten track is to experience it unplugged. It gives you insights into the essence of the mountain -her true nature and mood. Facing up to the mountain’s more difficult terrain gives you an intimate experience with it that transcend the casual acquaintance obtained from ascending one of the main routes. Table Mountain hikes off-the-beaten track are typically more challenging, involving scrambling, exposure to heights, rugged terrain (bush / loose rock). What it does is bring you into contact with the mountain – bare hands on the rock – and through braving up to the mountain’s defences, you draw closer to it. If you’re open to it, the peace, quiet and solitude can be mesmerizing. And topping the experience are the exhilaration of summiting and the sense of achievement. Table Mountain hiking meets you on your level, often revealing facets about yourself you never knew existed.

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