Hiking Table Mountain via the 12 Apostles

Sep 7, 2023

Hiking Table Mountain via the 12 Apostles is one of my favourite hikes.

Which 12 Apostles hike is the easiest?

Kasteelspoort Hike is the most popular and easiest. Kasteelspoort, leads up an open ravine and offers superb views of the Atlantic coast and Cape Peninsula. Asides include the sensational ‘diving board’ (a very photogenic photo spot), the historic Table Mountain reservoirs, rock labyrinths and a subterranean stream. All the other routes are harder, involving either more distance, more rugged terrain or technicalities in the form of scrambling and exposure to heights.

Where are the 12 Apostles on Table Mountain?

The 12 Apostles are behind the famous tabletop summit of Table Mountain. Seventeen peaks and buttresses comprise the Apostles, all of them considered part of the Table Mountain massif. Many routes lead up the Apostles, all offering different experiences. If you enjoy nature and being off the beaten track, then Table Mountain hikes on this dissected bastion of the mountain will delight.

Is the 12 Apostles hike worth it?

Yes. Apostle routes are best suited to those hiking Table Mountain for more than just reaching the summit. For a true wilderness experience, consider routes like Blind Gully, Porcupine Ravine, Spring Buttress, Oudekraal Ravine and Victoria Gully. These routes  seldom sees hikers, ensuring an unrivalled experience of Table Mountain.

How do I summit Table Mountain from the 12 Apostles summit?

Even though routes up the 12 Apostles terminate on the Apostles summit plateau, we extend them to finish on the famous tabletop summit near the upper cable station. The only exceptions are Victoria Gully, Llandudno Ravine Hike and Hout Bay Corner, as they top out to remote from the summit plateau to justify traversing across the entire spine of the Apostles. It follows that Apostle routes cover a lot of the mountain.

Nature at her quietest is the reward

Table Mountain hiking is at its best when you don’t see or hear people or the city for the duration of the hike, and most Apostle routes provides this experience. The routes require a bit more legwork, but the reward of undisturbed communion with nature amply compensates. Even on days when cloud obscures the views, the topography offers enough stimulation and interest to ensure an enjoyable hike.

Different sides of Table Mountain offers different terrain, views, moods and vegetation. If sea views, peace and quiet together with pristine nature appeals to you, then hiking Table Mountain via the 12 Apostles will not disappoint.

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