Photo of the week – May week #2: Woody Buttress

If you know enough routes, hiking Table Mountain offer decades of outdoor fun and adventure. I was reminded of this the other day when doing the Woody Buttress route on the Twelve Apostles, a lesser-known route that involves lots of B-grade scrambling  and  a few bits of exposure to heights. Starting out from the Pipe Track, I was hailed by another Table Mountain guide who wanted to know what route I’m on! Woody Buttress ranks as one of the classic scramble routes on the mountain and should feature in any mountain-guide’s repertoire of Table Mountain routes. I’ve done it many times, in both directions and in all weather conditions, even in the rain, and can’t wait to do it again. A rope is recommended on some of the scrambles, so best to go with a Table Mountain guide or with someone who knows the route and knows how to provide safety on steep ground. The route offers great sea views, unique rock-formations and fun scrambling off-the-beaten track, making it a enjoyable route for the adventurous hiker.

Table Mountain hiking allows you to experience the mountain up close and personal; in ways that the cablecar-goer never can.