Hiking up Table Mountain Nature Hike

Jan 24, 2018

It’s a fact that most people expect stunning views when hiking Table Mountain. And when the mountain is free of cloud, the views certainly do not disappoint. But on days when there’s no views due to cloud, it’s a good idea to focus on the nature and the adventure that Table Mountain offers.

Table Mountain’s location next to a city belies its wildness. Many Table Mountain hiking routes take you off-the-beaten track, allowing you to experience pristine nature and solitude. And if the silence and landscape fail to charm you, the mountain’s fascinating flora and fauna offers much discovery. In the company of a knowledgeable mountain-guide, you will find there’s far more to the mountain than meets the eye.

Opportunity for adventure abounds on Table Mountain.

Numerous Table Mountain hikes offer scrambling and exposure to heights: both key ingredients to adventure on the mountain. No experience required, just a sense of adventure and in some cases a good head for heights. Making use of a competent mountain guide ensures a safe and optimized experience.

Cape Town hiking is world-class

For those looking for adventure, peace and quiet and discovery; for those who prefer exploring off-the-beaten track; for those with an inquisitive mind or a desire to challenge themselves; and for those who want to get a deeper and fuller experience of Table Mountain (which includes views from unique angles), hiking Table Mountain will meet your expectations and likely exceed them. And if you find yourself in cloud with zero visibility, it might lessen your disappointment to focus on your surroundings and to remind yourself that Table Mountain is not the views it offer, but the landscape and nature, fauna and flora as well as weather.

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