Llandudno Ravine: a delightful Table Mountain hike – 23 July 2013

Jul 29, 2013

If you’ve never hiked on Table Mountain, it’s natural to want to experience the iconic tabletop summit. But if you’ve already set foot on the summit plateau via the cable car or by hiking up, then Llandudno Ravine should rank high up on your list of second routes to do. Even if you haven’t been on the tabletop summit, Llandudno Ravine offers superb views across the entire Table Mountain massif, allowing you to get the lie of the land and overall topography of the mountain. For a route that tops out on a lower extremity of the Table Mountain massif (the southernmost Apostle), Llandudno Ravine provides sensational views from two notable vantage points – Llandudno Peak and Judas Peak – both only a short walk off the main trail. Table Mountain hiking does not get better than this, as the way up is stimulating and engaging, varied and with challenging tidbits that reminds you of the fact that you’re climbing a mountain and not a hill. The route leads up a remote part of the mountain for you rarely encounter hikers, so it offers lots in the way of pristine nature and solitude – another reason why it’s one of my favorite Table Mountain hikes.

Even as a first hike on Table Mountain, Llandudno Ravine serves as a great introduction to Table Mountain hiking and provides some of the best views onto the entire Table Mountain massif. A few bits of scrambling adds spice to the route. There are two variations if you want to make it more challenging, one leading off midway up the route and known as Hout Bay Corner, and the second leading off about two-thirds up the route and known as Llandudno Ravine Righthand Branch.

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