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Table Mountain hiking routes


There are few more ingenious and sensational hiker’s traverses on Table Mountain than the Right Face-Arrow Face Traverse. Located on the north (front) side of the mountain, the traverse follows a narrow ledge that pinches out at an obscure rock slit. Squeezing through this brings you to a cave-like corridor formed by a piece of cliff flaked away from the mountainside. Out the other side, you gain a higher ledge and follow this alongside dizzying heights to where progress seems impossible. Again, you squeeze through an opening to a second, larger, corridor to eventually emerge on a massive tilted boulder that marks the end of the traverse proper.

The traverse is accessible from the India Venster route and can be done as a 45-minute excursion for intrepid hikers wanting to add some spice to their hike. If you have a good head for heights, this is well worth the effort.

Several sensational traverses exist on Table Mountain, offering much thrills and fun to the adventurous hiker. And no one knows them better than Hike Table Mountain. Hiking up Table Mountain shouldn’t just be an uphill plod; there’s so much to distract and engage in the way of exciting diversions and sensational viewpoints – if you know where to look.

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