Photo of the week – December week #2: Dancing on the Table

As a Table Mountain guide who’s guided thousands of hikers up the mountain, I’ve witnessed some amusing things that people do when they reach the summit, from kissing the ground to unfurling their country flag. One girl, a ballerina, pirouetted on an outcrop; another, a Yoga guru, struck a contortionist pose… also on an outcrop. Then there was the guy who lit a Cuban cigar seated himself on a rock and puffed away with a vacant look in his eyes. In similar style, another produced a demijohn filled with Jack Daniels and promptly emptied it into his mouth; fortunately, the upper cable station wasn’t far off…

History also contains the records of people performing antics on the summit, from a war veteran landing his plane on the summit in the 1910s to an 1890s Army Regiment playing a game of football, using the Eastern Table as their pitch.

Most recently, I guided a delightful couple that treated me to a round of Cuban salsa. It made for an incongruous yet stimulating sight to watch the fluid movements of the dance on the rugged and weather-beaten summit of a mountain.

What a nice way to round off hiking Table Mountain with dancing on the summit – on the Table.