Bad weather on Table Mountain?

Jun 22, 2019

There is the age old saying: “There is no bad weather, only bad gear.” Well I wonder if any of those people were turned into a human kite by a howling South Easter wind.

Bad weather during the winter months (June to August) disrupts hiking Table Mountain with bouts of rain. This can cause countless streams to gush down the slopes of our iconic mountain. The rain is a miserable event for Table Mountain hiking guides arriving at the cableway to explain about the weather conditions. Most people postpone, however there are a few Northern Hemisphere folk who think that some rain is summer weather. Then the bundled-up group begin their ascent to the top.

The Table Cloth

The real challenge comes from the famous Tablecloth cloud. As it pours beautifully down the upper slopes of the Mountain, this makes for isolated conditions hiking Table Mountain. The cloud often offers no views; however, it does offer mystery. There is something atmospheric about being on Table Mountain’s hiking routes in the cloud. With minimal visibility the route unfolds as you walk. The fynbos is coated in droplets waiting to drip onto your clothes. There is also a greater chance of seeing the wildlife which relish the cover of the Tablecloth.

The wind is our other enemy, it wreaks havoc throughout the year. The wind can be relentless as your Table Mountain guide shouts information. Often people are huddled together trying to have a conversation or to look at a flower.

Without these elements Table Mountain would have been shapeless. The wind, rain and cloud have cut into the sandstone, molding unique rock formations all the way up to the summit. The unpredictable weather is what makes hiking Table Mountain an unforgettable experience. Table Mountain stays a natural wonder, in the true essence of the meaning.

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