Table Mountain hikes up the Twelve Apostles – 24 March 2016

For diversity and pristine nature, hiking Table Mountain via the Twelve Apostles offers more than any other part of the mountain. Many routes of varying difficulty and character lead up this dissected bastion of Table Mountain, with much variation and numerous add-ons, hidden gems and spectacular viewpoints.

The Twelve Apostles is a chain of peaks extending behind the famous tabletop summit of Table Mountain. Considered part of Table Mountain, it comprises no less than 17 peaks, or ‘Apostles’, with only one of them bearing the name of an Apostle (Judas Peak). Table Mountain hiking routes differ greatly in views, terrain and difficulty, and no more so than on the Apostles. If you love nature, enjoy solitude and prefer to get off-the-beaten track, then the Apostles will delight.

Many of the routes offer superb views back onto the famous “table” of Table Mountain, giving you a unique perspective on the mountain. Sculpted rock-formations, natural rock labyrinths, tunnelsĀ and even a seasonal subterranean stream make for intriguing asides. Table Mountain’s reservoirs, dating back to the 1890s, offer historical interest. Sensational viewpoints abound if you’re up for short detours.

The most remote Table Mountain hikes lead up the Apostles, so if you’re looking for wilderness, peace and quiet, then there is much on offer. Wild and imposing topography adds to the grandeur and wildness, with little to no sign of civilization to detract from the surroundings.