Photo of the week – March week #1: Hiking Table Mountain via Blind Gully

Table Mountain hiking routes differ greatly from each other. Much like people, they have their own character: views, topography, vegetation and mood as well as level of challenge and adventure. Table Mountain hikes exist for every fitness and experience level, every preference and interests as well as every sense of adventure. Blind Gully is not for the average hiker, but for those who thrive on exploring off the beaten track, savoring pristine nature and indulging in some adventure along the way. The route gets bonus points for leading up one of the most dramatic parts of the mountain; like a friend of mine put it once, “lots of geological drama there.”

Blind Gully leads up the north side of the first (and highest) of the 12 Apostles, topping out on Blinkwater Peak. The views along the way is some of the best on the mountain. The route features a striking feature known as Blinkwater Needle, a rock pinnacle about two-thirds up the route. A short but tricky scramble leads to the top, a tiny platform suspended in space – one of the most exhilarating locations on Table Mountain.

The route involves rugged terrain for much of the way (bush / loose rock) interspersed with fun rock scrambles. If you’re adventurous and you love nature and hiking off the beaten track, then Table Mountain hiking hardly gets better than this. Not the most challenging and strenuous of Table Mountain hikes, you don’t need to be Bear Grylls to enjoy the route, just reasonable fitness, a fairly good head for heights, a love for nature and a sense of adventure.