Photo of the week – March week #4: Corridor Buttress

Different Table Mountain hikes offer different objectives and natural features. Corridor Buttress, one of the 12 Apostles, ranks as one of the most striking features on Table Mountain. Shaped like the prow of a ship, this august buttress draws the eye from afar and makes for a worthwhile objective when hiking Table Mountain. For a circumambulation of the buttress, follow the Pipe Track past Corridor Ravine along the base of Corridor Buttress into Oudekraal Ravine, an obscure little ravine that offers stunning views of the imposing south face of the buttress. Once you reach the main Apostle path, turn left and follow it to the highest point at the featureless back of the buttress. Keep a sharp lookout for a faint path that leads off to the left and, picking the line of least resistance across rocky spits, make your way to the summit beacon, where an abysmal drop-off awaits you. Few locations on the mountain beat the grandeur and views of the place. Descend via Corridor Ravine to complete the circuit. This route combination showcases the essence of Table Mountain hiking: peace and quiet, nature, grand mountainscapes and sublime views.