Photo of the week – September week #4: Table Mountain's eastern edge

Table Mountain hikes on Eastern Table

Above Firtree Ravine, Eastern Table

Table Mountain’s tabletop summit extends east-west and measures about 2.6 km in length. The upper cable station with its sprawling amenities occupy the western edge. The viewpoints are contrived and often crowded, and the mountain stripped of grandeur and mystery, offering little in the way of nature and peace. A very different scenario prevails at the opposite end of the ‘Table’. The eastern edge of Table Mountain remains virtually untouched and unfrequented: a pristine environment where nature still reigns supreme. Hiking Table Mountain allows you to experience Table Mountain’s summit in its unaltered state. Furthermore, this side of the summit plateau offers different views, filling in the landscapes not seen from around the upper cable station. And if you’re a purist, Table Mountain’s highest point is located here. A few Table Mountain hiking routes top out on the eastern Table / edge; the rest can be structured to pass through the area by means of an hour’s detour. Well worth it if you have the time and energy!