Guides – Why You Should Hike with Them

Sep 3, 2014

Table Mountain is one of the world’s most iconic and famous mountains, so it makes sense to get the most out of it when you’re in Cape Town. And you achieve this not by taking the cable car to the summit, nor by hiking up on your own via Platteklip Gorge (quickest and easiest route to the summit, but also the least scenic and exciting), but by using competent and knowledgeable mountain-guides.

Guides Maximise the Experience

Hiking Table Mountain enables you to maximize your experience of the mountain: to get a true appreciation of its wildness, size, heights and topography. It’s only when you immerse yourself in the sculpted rocks and rare indigenous flora, and accept the challenge of climbing a mountain, that you gain access to the essence of Table Mountain. Making use of a mountain-guide further enhances the experience through his or her knowledge of the environment, which in turn increases your appreciation of the mountain.

Furthermore, a guide enables you to do a more exciting route, often off-the-beaten track, and shares with you hidden gems, unique viewpoints and topographical wonders you would not have known about. Finally, a guide acts as a safety buffer, minimizing the chances of things going wrong and being of assistance in the event of unforeseen contingence, whether it be a bee sting, an ankle sprain, an acute headache, etc. Like is often the case when travelling to famous cities or locations, the true delights of a place resides off the tourist trail, and Table Mountain serves as a prime example of this.

Unspoilt nature, deep solitude, rugged wilderness and perfect peace are synonymous to Table Mountain hiking, not to mention adventure, but you need expert guidance to experience this safely and in a memorable way. And with so many Table Mountain hikes to choose from, all of them very different from each other, and with route-choice being key to the enjoyment of a hike, it makes even more sense to make use of a mountain guide.


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