Photo of the week – May week #2: Hout Bay Corner

There are those who think that hiking Table Mountain involves little more than a tedious uphill plod. A wearisome trudge that offers scant stimulation for the mind, body or soul. Not Hout Bay Corner. Exposed scrambling on a unfrequented part of the mountain makes this route a delight to those with a sense of adventure and a good head for heights. It leads up the southwest extremity of the Table Mountain massif; on the bottom end of the 12 Apostles overlooking Hout Bay and Llandudno. And it tops out on one of the most beautiful parts of the mountain that features two sublime viewpoints: Llandudno Peak and Judas Peak. If you don’t mind not topping out on the iconic tabletop summit, and you have a sense of adventure and you love nature, then this route will delight you from start to finish. Table Mountain hiking often involves scrambling and exposure to heights – places where a rope is brought into play for safety reasons – and Hout Bay Corner offers every type of hiking that Table Mountain hikes have to offer. The route is challenging and the route-finding tricky, so best to go with a mountain guide competent on this kind of terrain or with someone who knows the route well and can offer safety on steep ground.