Photo of the week – July week #2: Left Face ‘B’

Table Mountain hiking routes differ greatly in character. Each offer unique features and challenges to the hiker. Even two adjacent routes can provide a very different experience. Left Face ‘B’ has one attribute that sets it apart from all other routes: it tackles the formidable and iconic front face of Table Mountain head-on, without ducking into the sheltered confines of a ravine, and not involving any technical climbing that requires experience or ropes. The way up is not obvious. It threads past sheer cliffs bristling with overhangs, picking an ingenious line up a formidable part of the mountain and topping out smack in the middle of the famous tabletop summit of Table Mountain. Part of the route’s appeal springs from its unlikely line: never are you sure about the way ahead; it keeps you on your toes – an essential ingredient to an adventure route. As with many other challenging Table Mountain hikes, it involves scrambling and exposure to heights along with tricky route-finding. In the true spirit of Table Mountain hiking, the route leads you across impressive terrain and exhilarating positions. If you’re up for a challenge and you have a good head for heights, then Left Face ‘B’ is guaranteed to thrill.