Llandudno Ravine – Off the Beaten Track

May 25, 2014

Llandudno Ravine is a delightful Table Mountain hiking experience. Surround yourself with peace, quiet, solitude and sublime views.

Llandudno Ravine a unique experience

Hiking Table Mountain is a multi-faceted experience that cannot be represented by any one route. The mountain covers a big area and each side offers different views, topography, vegetation and mood. While the thrill and significance of topping out on the famous and iconic “Table” remains incentives for tackling routes that lead up the “Table”, other areas of the mountain offers unique attractions for the hiker and outdoor enthusiast. No two Table Mountain hikes are alike, and Llandudno Ravine stands out as a route that packs a lot of uniqueness and attraction.

Ideally done as a second Table Mountain hike, as it does not lead up to the tabletop summit of Table Mountain, its location on the southwest extremity of the Table Mountain massif gives one unusual views of the mountain and surrounds. The route involves a few bits of B-grade scrambling, none of it exposed to heights, although some parts of the trail leads along a sheer drop, but nothing serious.

The views back onto Table Mountain are some of the best on the mountain. A variation exists about two-thirds the way up, offering more spice to the adventurous hiker. If you like being off-the-beaten track in a pristine mountain setting, and with glorious views in all directions, then look no further.

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