The most amazing thing about Table Mountain – 5 February 2014

Apart from its triple status as a National Park, a World Heritage sight and one of the World’s New 7 Natural Wonders, Table Mountain to me is, more than anything, a wilderness. And that for me is the most amazing fact about it: that it encompasses areas where no one ever, ever sets foot; where the environment has remained unchanged since time immemorial and where nature reigns supreme. Table Mountain’s claim to fame might reside in its singular shape and proximity to sea and city, and to a lesser extent unmatched floral diversity and endemism, but what always gets me when hiking Table Mountain is the unspoiled nature, the rugged topography and the primordial solitude. Table Mountain hikes allow you to experience all this and more – definitive facets of the mountain that you will miss out on if you opt for the cable car or the Coca-Cola route (Platteklip Gorge) up Table Mountain.

Despite its proximity to a city and the existence of a cable car, Table Mountain remains a wilderness that defies the longtime presence of European settlement. And may it long continue to be the case. Table Mountain hiking takes you through this enchanting wonderworld that sometimes seem as far removed from civilization as a mountainscape on a distant planet.